Discerning yakitori

From a single skewer to an assortment After you place your order Slowly grilled on Binchotan charcoal

  • Hina(chicks)
  • Sunagimo(Gizzard)
  • Negima(Thigh meat skewered with pieces of leek)
  • Nankotsu(Cartilage)

A la carte

Small bowls that are just right for snacks You can have it as a meal There are grilled rice balls etc.

  • Morokyu(cucumber with miso paste)
  • Tonjiru(Miso soup with pork and vegetables)
  • Motsuni(Japanese tripe stew)
  • a la carte and full-course.
    Toriwasa:Steamed chicken with wasabi・Osinko:Japanese pickles・Motsuni:Japanese tripe stew
    Yakitori:Negima(Thigh meat skewered pieces of leek) ・Kawa(skin)・ Ginnnann(Ginkgo nuts)・Tamago(Quail egg)・Lever ・Tsukune(Meatball)
    Yakionigiri:Roasted rice ball・Tonjiru:Pork and vegetables miso(bean paste)soup
    Some changes maybe made depending on the purchase situation.